We know that timely development of a biocatalyst is a critical factor to a successful delivery of the production route. That's why we offer assistance with fast and efficient development of the catalytic step.

Risk and Time constraints plague every step of the pharmaceutical life-cycle and having to subject your project to even more by including an external vendor is sometimes unacceptable.


EnzBond believes in creating enzymes Right the First Time allowing your team to introduce highly evolved enzymes at the early stages to de-risk your production and reduce your work-load as the project progresses. EnzBond has extensive experience of working under tight time constraints, project turnaround in <6 months, and working with complex reactions, such as:


At the start of the project EnzBond will provide your team with a detailed work-package and extensive reports along the development cycle so then you and your team will be in control every step of the way. To see what we can do, please check out our Case studies.