At EnzBond we have become experts at transforming high-risk ideas into tangible products.

As synthetic chemists, we understand the potential of enzymes to revolutionize the field. We have utilized our core technology to build enzymes that replace harsh reaction processes integral to building critical drug architectures.

In many cases we have been able to reduce the step count by half

Enzyme Revolution

EnzBond creates both sustainable and economic advantages for our partners, and thus EnzBond partners with companies that have the same ethos of improving access to life saving medicines worldwide.

EnzBond Breakthrough

Through our step-changes in production, EnzBond generates robust IP portfolios built upon Enzyme, Route & Composition of matter claims. This creates a robust fence, moat & castle around our partners activities. The combination of our technology and expertise with our client’s established production facilities entrenches the advantage EnzBond creates

What to expect when you partner with EnzBond

Your Success is Our Success


EnzBond is focused on building for the long term


EnzBond stage gates the whole development process, to control risk and improve the success of each collaborative project we pursue with a partner

As projects advance, EnzBond stays in lock-step with our partners and provides constant support to ensure the successful scale up of our technology


EnzBond is a company focused on discovery and is skilled in that process.

EnzBond allows for our partners to outsource manufacture of the API and enzymes if they do not have their own facilities