Our vision

Your Success
is our Success

EnzBond is focused on value sharing
EnzBond will demonstrate the our enzyme enabled routes:
Hit their economic targets and do not produce new impurties
EnzBond will do this before the client investment

1 EnzBond discovers and validates the route
2 EnzBond scales up production and shows that no new impurities are created
3 EnzBond works with your team to integrate the new process

The first computation-only enzyme development platform

Our team is driven by the opportunity to terraform the chemical sector with the most advanced enzymes being produced to date.

EnzBond has developed a proprietary technology platform that allows us to screen thousands of potential mutants in a day resulting in the discovery of the most active enzymes for the molecule of interest. With such a powerful platform at hand, we are now able to develop novel enzyme routes to significantly improve the efficiency, purity, and economics of most challenging chemical syntheses.

Our Technology
Enzyme Education

At EnzBond we truly wish to see enzyme be utilized in the fullest capacity in every corner of the chemcial world

Our team has put together information on tip and tricks we have found helpful during the course of our tenure

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