EnzBond is at the vanguard of biocatalyst creation, redefining what enzymes are capable of

To achieve this, EnzBond created a simulated environment platform, which can predict the performance of an enzyme

Enzyme Design Revolution

Enzyme function is a combination of how the biocatalyst increases the speed of reaction (activity) and how long it retains performance (stability)

EnzBond Breakthrough

In our due diligence, we found that established computational methods were sequence-based approaches. This meant that predictions were built on-top of previous observations. 

EnzBond’s sequence independent platform allows us to create enzymes with novel activity, and offers greater certainty when little to no data is available.

Below we discuss the secret to the EnzBond led Enzyme Revolution

Your Success is Our Success


Sourcing sites to mutate


“Structure dictates function” is a common expression in many scientific fields, holding particular weight in enzymology. In our work, we have observed that the regions we must mutate to alter function have often been highly conserved through the course of evolution.

Using our technology, we have developed epistatic trackers that help to de-convolute the complex network of a protein and build an understanding of the segments that have become destabilized by performing these challenging mutations.


Activity is just half the story though.

By merging our core technologies, expertise in the field and computational speed, we can assemble vast data libraries of highly accurate information within days



By utilizing our core technology, we are able to create simulated environments that expand our sequence space searching and predict the function of novel enzymes more accurately than any method seen before.